Drop off and pick up at Conygres

  • Access via Old London road
  • Do not arrive too early (5 minutes before start/finish time is sufficient)
  • Gates will be opened for the session and are closed after drop off.  If the car park is closed when you arrive please park on the road until a leader opens the gate
  • Enter via the first gate (nearest the hut)
  • Drive carefully/slowly (5mph maximum) entering and within the car park
  • Be aware of pedestrians in the car park
  • Parents/carers are responsible for their child until registered by a leader
  • At pick up parents are to collect children from Leaders
  • There is to be no unsupervised Young Persons in the car park
  • Please do not linger after drop off/collection
  • Exit through the far gate only and depart via Adey’s Lane

Waiting List and Voluntering

In exceptional curcumstances children of parents who take up a substantive role within the Group, either as a Leader, Helper or an Executive Commitee officer/member may be given priority on the waiting list.  This is subject to completing a trial period and a minimum level of training that is agreed with the Executive Commitee.  Our full Waiting list policy can be found here: Policy

Group Calendar 2021


Conygres – Conygres Teas, Section booking



Conygres – Conygres Teas, Section booking


10 Sep

Executive Committee Meeting Zoom/ Star


26 Nov

Executive Committee Meeting Zoom/Star